Enterprise Portals

Enterprise Portals

Organizations can leverage our cutting-edge enterprise portals services which integrate people, processes and information for better collaboration, knowledge management and decision making. Marvelous Technologies strongly believes that an enterprise portal is much more than an interactive, flashy website to publish reports or marketing material.
Marvelous Technologies enterprise portals services enable organizations to leverage the cutting-edge, web-based business system, custom developed for them, which facilitates the view of integrated information and assembly of critical business applications.

Marvelous Technologies enterprise portals services create differentiators in the following dimensions:
• Deep delivery expertise powered by people, processes and tools
• Consulting based approach to understand and address your customers business problems through complete end-to-end services
• Multidimensional technology & business domain skills on diverse platforms and channels
• Differentiated offering to address the current business and operational challenges across diverse customer segments including insurance, healthcare providers, system integrators, government departments and so on
• User friendly GUI, low learning curve, and incisive scorecards and reports for informed decision making

Our services approach ensures that customized enterprise portals services have the following characteristics:
• Cost effective custom application development
• Consolidating the existing business application(s) with reasonable re-use of existing components
• Creation of unified and customizable dashboard to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the system(s) in place
• Integration – process, information and delivery
• Collaboration and knowledge management
• Advanced & flexible security
• Better search engine optimization

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