Application Management

Application Management

Marvelous Technologies deep understanding of business needs across industries and domains along with its technical expertise and mature processes allow us to develop and maintain custom business applications with highest quality standards and extreme certainty.

Significance of Application Management and Its Impediments
Software applications and systems have become backbone for organizations in enabling them to perform diverse business functions in an effective and efficient manner.
However, enterprises are confronted with various challenges while managing their business critical applications across the application lifecycle in order to demonstrate sustainable business performance. Primary challenges include:

1. Constant need for new applications for improving business efficiency which are customized, robust and reliable
2. Continuous need for application enhancement and up-gradation to incorporate new features and functionalities in the context of evolving business and technologies changes
3. Performance optimization of existing IT applications and systems with reduced maintenance costs and improved technology advantages
4. Increased TCO to maintain and support outdated legacy applications
5. Non-integrated systems which result in reduced efficiencies and higher costs
6. Lack of bandwidth with IT Team to develop new applications as well as support existing applications
7. Lack of skill-set and support for obsolete technologies
8. Budget overruns, increased time to market, low-performing, unreliable applications causing end user dissatisfaction Vendor lock-in and control

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